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Online Gambling Remote Gaming Act: Are There Any Legal Online Casinos in Singapore

How is online gambling defined? According to the RGA, “online gambling” or “remote gambling” is defined as gambling where players use a remote communication. “Remote communication” includes Internet, television, telephone and radio. Section 8 of the RGA states that itäs illegal to gamble through remote communication to a gambling service.

When is online gambling legal?

Online gambling is legal if it is done through an exempt operator. if in doubt, you can lodge an inquiry with the Ministry of Home Affairs or ask the support on the website you are interested in playing on for further details. You can be fined up to $5,000 or imprisoned for 6 months if you play on an unlicensed site and for some reason garner the attention of the police.

What consitutes Constitutes Legal Online Casinos in Singapore?

According to the Remote Gambling Act (RGA), gambling is defined as traditional gambling, including lottery and betting. The Common Gaming Houses Act (CGHA), refers to “gaming” (gambling) any game with an element of chance or mix of chance and skill, where players can win money or chips. If you are found guilty of gambling in a common gaming house, you will be fined up to $5,000 and imprisoned up to to 6 months. But this page is about gambling online, so no need to worry about physical brick and mortar casinos in Singapore. Generally, you have to be 18 or older in order to gamble in Singapore, but some websites require 21. Before you gamble, look at the terms of service of the online casino, or check the footer section of the front page where the age restriction is usually clearly marked as 18+ or 21+. Many operators are not allowed to provide gambling services to any person under 21 years old. If in doubt that the websites you are considering are really a legal online casinos in Singapore, open a chat with the live chat support, and they will provide you with details.

We got a second opinion about the grey zone of online gambling legal in Singapore

Gambling in Singapore is regulated by the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act. The Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore was established by the reconstituting Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore on 1 August. This authority is responsible for regulating gambling in Singapore. Singapore Pools is Singapore’s only legal operator that allows lotteries to be operated.

Singapore permits casinos to operate within integrated resorts (IR), such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. These integrated resorts allow casinos to be integrated into large resort properties that include entertainment shows, convention facilities, and theme parks. To regulate gambling in Singapore, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore established the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Private Lotteries Act permits certain societies to only operate slot machines in specific rooms.

Singapore Business Review Asks Professional Advice regarding Gambling in Singapore

What is the Singapore law on online gambling saying? tries to find out.

Experts offer advice that will help you get the most out of your experience.

Although amendments were passed by Singapore’s Parliament to its Casino Control Act, there was not one provision that dealt with online casinos. However, the government notes that there are plans to review the regulatory framework and social safeguards for non-casino gambling.

Singapore Business Review asked legal experts to give their views on Singapore’s progress with online gambling regulation. Experts also offered suggestions for how the city-state could improve its regulatory framework, while keeping in mind other countries’ experiences.

S Suresh, Aviation and Shipping Practice Group and Partner in the Firm’s Civil and Commercial Litigation Practice Group, and Yap Wai Maing, Partner at Stamford Law Corp, are experts who provide comments.

a. What is Singapore’s current position on online gambling?

Suresh: Occasionally, the police have made statements that online gaming was illegal. In 2010, however, The Law Reform Committee raised reservations about whether the current legislation would cover the situation of a person accessing an online gaming site from a private location and connecting to it via the internet.

Yap: Online gambling is currently not regulated in Singapore. Although the government has yet to make a statement about whether it will regulate the sector, there is a recommendation paper from the law reform committee that calls for regulation in accordance with established gaming jurisdictions such as the USA and Australia. This would include a licensing model with limited access for Singapore-based players.

b. What are the current laws in Singapore governing online gambling?

Suresh: The Betting Act (and the Common Gaming Houses Act) are the main statutes that govern gambling. These statutes were written before the advent of the internet and don’t specifically address online gambling. The question is whether online gaming can be covered by the statutes. It’s not clear if it is possible. Enforcement action against gambling sites located overseas presents practical problems. The Betting Act (and the Common Gaming Houses Act) are basically prohibitive. They do not attempt gambling regulation.

Yap: In Singapore, there are no online gambling laws. We still rely on the archaic laws we have regarding the prohibition of common gaming houses in Singapore. Recent cases have expanded these laws to include internet cafes that engage in online gambling activities at the same physical location. There are many academic views on this topic. The general consensus is that online gambling does not violate the law if it can be done at home and without the need for all the gamblers to gather at one location. It is past due to update the laws. Despite confusion over such laws, the Singapore Stock Exchange approved the listing of an Australian online gambling site without any objection from the Gambling Suppression Unit.

C. C.

Suresh: Singapore should look into regulating online gambling. This regulation would have the following objectives:
i. protect vulnerable people, e.g. i. Protect vulnerable people, e.g.
ii. Ensure that no criminal elements are allowed to enter the industry
iii. Ensure fair gambling.

You also have the incentive to tax these activities and thus generate revenue that can be used for the public good.
Experience in other countries (e.g. Australia has shown that banning online gambling is not a good idea. Gamblers can only access gambling sites from overseas, which may or not be regulated. We cannot ensure that sites have our age verification if we block access. It is impossible to identify or track problem gamblers and interventions to help them cannot be made. Any attempt to block website access will be ignored. It will also make it illegal for Singaporeans assess these websites. This will discourage those who need assistance from coming forward and driving the problem underground.

Yap: online gambling should be regulated in the same way as the Australian model, but with the government having the sole authority over the online gambling license. Similar to sports betting and lotteries, the Singapore government holds the sole monopoly over these gambling activities. All other gambling forms are prohibited. This allows for better control over the quality and monitoring of gamblers to manage problem gambling.

Editor’s remark: Many thanks to Singapore Business Review (

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4 Replies to “Legal Online Casinos in Singapore”

  • Rajpal says:

    Gambling is not legal in Singapore, as it is only allowed in casinos. Online gambling is legal.
    Online casinos are not legal in Singapore. However, online gambling via other gaming platforms, such as horse racing, lottery, and sports betting, is legal.

    Online gambling is a part of the entertainment business since the 2000s. Online casino Singapore generates $US480 billion annually and generates $US 6 billion in revenue.

  • Sheridan Wong says:

    Online gambling in Singapore is legal provided it is conducted through an exempt operator. The exemptions are currently only available to Singapore Pools (both legal operators under 4D and Toto)

  • 灺盶 says:

    It is illegal. It is illegal. Although it might be more difficult to trace your account via third-party processors, you still risk being charged with breaking the law if you are caught.

    • Roulette Operator says:

      灺盶-san: This is a grey area in Singapore’s legislation. Online gambling is legal in Singapore, but it is illegal in general. However, online gambling is allowed in private homes and is therefore not considered illegal. A court can declare “habitual gambling illegal” and online gambling in public places or internet cafes illegal. Although it is technically legal, it could get you in trouble if it is done regularly. I advise you to do your research and take care.

      Before we can determine if online gambling is legal, it is important to understand the law.

      The RGA Act, also known as Remote Gambling Act “Gambling” is broadly defined to include any activity like gambling, betting, and lottery.

      Remote Gaming Act defines online gambling as any form of gambling where players use remote communication.

      Gaming is a crime under the CGHA. Any place that is used for gaming activities, regardless of whether it is shared by people, is considered a common gaming house.

      Although the CGHA does not define private gambling, it is generally defined as gambling that is done in a location that the public cannot access.

      Gambling in public is gambling in a location that allows the public to access any place where 10 or more people are employed.

      We now return to the answer. Online gambling is legal when it is conducted through an exempt operator. Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club were granted exemption certificates under the RGA.

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